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Cat mauled to death by pack of hounds before huntsman ‘hurls body over fence’

Shocking footage shows the moment a rescue cat was mauled to death by a pack of hounds before a huntsman then appears to throw her body over a fence.

The black cat, called Mini, had been in her front garden in a usually quiet street in Devon when the attack started.

In the footage, a group of dogs circle Mini for several seconds.

Moments later, a man runs over to her body, picks it up and appears to hurl it over a fence.

Bosses of Western Hunt have now apologised, saying attacks on pets are “incredibly rare”.

Mini’s owner Carly Jose, who was at home with her children at the time of the incident on March 6, says she’s “heartbroken”.

After hearing a lot of commotion outside, Carly checked the back garden, but it was “peaceful there”.

Then she went out into the front and saw her neighbour surrounded by the hounds.

Recalling the distressing event, she said: “The huntsmen had run off and so we ran into our back gardens – he into his, me into mine and we met in the middle.

“He asked me which of my cats had been out and I told him ‘Mini. Mini’s out. I let her out the front.'”

Another neighbour helped recover Mini’s body, and police were called to the scene.

Describing Mini as “a gorgeous little thing”, Carly said the cat had been through a lot in her life already – including surviving meningitis.

Carly called the behaviour of the man in the video “evil” and said: “I want justice for Mini. There needs to be a turning point. Things like this cannot happen.

“I don’t want another family to go through what we’ve gone through.”

The Western Hunt has now issued an apology.

A spokesperson said: “The hunt is aware of events that took place on Saturday, 6th March, while the hounds were being exercised in an area where they are taken routinely, without incident, by officials of the hunt.

“The hunt has been in contact with the cat owner to apologise unreservedly for the distress this has caused and is also helping the police with their enquiries.

“Incidents of this nature involving hounds are incredibly rare due to the professionalism with which the hounds are managed, however the hunt has taken this matter very seriously and is reviewing their procedures to prevent any re-occurrence.”

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed “no arrests have been made but enquiries are ongoing”.

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