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Rob Gronkowski plans to cash in on the NFT craze

Much of Rob Gronkowski is NSFW. He’s now pivoting toward NFT.

According to TMZ.com, Gronk will be selling five digital cards, four of which reflect his Super Bowl wins. The items feature original, hand-drawn artwork.

Only 87 editions of the Super Bowl cards will be available. The so-called “holy grail” will be a Career Highlight Refractor Card, signed by Gronk.

“I think having digital trading cards now is just gonna be unique and it’s gonna blow it out of the water,” Gronkowski told TMZ.com. “Actual trading cards, I think will always be there, but I think it’s leading towards a way where everything’s digital.”

All cards will be available via auction on Thursday night, in the non-fungible token format. It’s a new craze, and time will tell whether it has the staying power of the Internet, CB radios (Google it, kids), or somewhere in between.

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